Price List

Areas Covered by Prices

Prices are for any site within 75 miles of Nottingham and are based on being helped with forklift or machine with brick-grab facilities to load out and feed plots being worked on.

We do work anywhere within the UK and at times lodge away, should the need arise. Our pricing structure in this situation is to treat each enquiry individually.

Foundation Brickwork


  • Trench blocks £13.50 per sq. Metre
  • 100mm blocks £10 per sq. Metre
  • Common bricks £265 per 1000
  • Facing Bricks £330 per 1000
  • Laser prism Checks £25 PER PLOT (Ensures plot is exactly square)-a back up check to site engineer.
  • Block & Beam £7 per metre
  • Block & beam Labour Only £8-00 Per sq. Metre –With on site mechanical assistance- forklift or 360° with chain handling equipment.

These Prices are current as at August 2013 and firm until end August 2014.

J Manchester Brickwork: Established as Foundation Brickwork Specialists for more than twelve years.
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